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AquaServ Pool Services

Aqua Doc's Pools Inc. is proud to offer the best in pool cleaning services thru our sister company AquaServ Pool Service
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Commercial Pool Service
Your Hotel, Condo, HOA or Health Club pool is a valuable investment, and if it’s poorly maintained, there can be some unseen complications. Obviously tenant and guest satisfaction will be impacted, but if left unchecked, what seems to be a simple maintenance could actually be expensive repairs. Don’t let your maintenance go unattended for too long. Our Commercial Pool Services team will help you keep your pool clean, healthy, and running properly. If you are a real-estate management company, or a commercial property, there is no wiser decision. Our work always meets or exceeds Florida State health requirements. We only use Certified professional technicians, using quality materials and equipment to complete all of the work. Our estimates require an on-site inspection in order for us to accurately quote you. By calling AquaServ, you can setup an appointment, for one of our specialists to visit your business location for an estimate.
We offer same day onsite evaluation.
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Residential Pool Service
Enjoy your pool again, with our Residential Pool Maintenance Program
We take great pride in taking care of your pool for you and your family. Our knowledgeable staff will keep your pool clean and safe.
Our highly trained professionals perform the following tasks to ensure your pool is clean, clear and sanitized:

– Vacuum pool
– Backwash or clean filter and inspect pump operation
– Clean all skimmer and pump baskets
– Skim leaves and debris from water surface
– Brush pool walls, steps, and floor as needed
– Test pH, and chlorine weekly
– Refill automatic chlorinator with chlorine tablets
– Adjust chemicals as needed and shock pool as necessary
– More extensive water analysis as needed

Our team of experts use a high tech app on our phone that uses GPS location. The App only allows us to log into your account when we are on property. Then it prompts us to take a "before" picture of your pool. We then enter information like current temperature, weather, what the pool looks like, water level etc. Then test and enter the results of your water chemistry and make the necessary adjustments. After that we do a thorough cleaning of your pool as well as your equipment. If you need to be made aware of anything regarding your pool, the tech will leave you notes as well. After all the above is completed the App will prompt us to take an "after" picture and an e-mailed report will be sent to you the customer as well as the service manager. This service is included to every customer so even if you are out of town..... You will know your pool was serviced correctly.