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Equipment Repair & Installation 
As experts in the pool maintenance and pool equipment repair industry, we understand the importance of finding an experienced technician to handle all your pool and spa needs. Whether you need scheduled weekly or monthly checkups on your pool- or if you need pool equipment repairs- Aqua Doc's is the most trusted company for pool services in all of the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.
With our central location, we are able to respond quickly to any service requests for repairs and all our technicians have many years of experience and training in pool maintenance.
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Pool Equipment Repair
When it comes to pool equipment repair, it is imperative to hire someone you trust. Improper handling of repairs can lead to bigger, and more expensive, issues later. We handle professional services for private pools and community pools, and we’re prepared to help with whatever type of pool you have. When everything runs properly within your pool system, your monthly maintenance expenses decrease throughout the year. We care about keeping your expenses down, which is why our customers trust Aqua Doc's to get the job done right the first time.
  1. Repair / Replace Current Filtration
  2. Variable Speed Energy Saving Pumps
  3. LED Pool Lighting
  4. Filters
  5. Heaters
  6. Salt System Chlorine Generators
  7. Pool Automation
  8. New Filtration Pad