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The Process

Bringing you a piece of paradise! One backyard at a time


The initial meeting is where it all begins. We’ll meet with you and unearth the true goals and visions you have in order to create a retreat environment that suits your lifestyle and your budget.
​​We’ll take all the necessary measurements to provide you with various design options while still meeting your desired goals and outcomes.
#3 Staging
#4 Launch
Using a variety of tools (from drawings, hands on material options, pictures, 3-D graphic designs and modern day technology), we will present you with a number of options. We can then create a finalized design using a hybrid of all the options presented.
Expectations and timelines are set and construction begins. We will collaborate with you throughout the project to ensure you receive the backyard Paradise you truly desire..

#5 Congratulations Celebrate!

We finish up with a few do’s and don’ts to get the pool off to a good start and guide you through the use of any new pool and backyard features.
The final stage is to begin enjoying the new backyard that has been tailored to fit your needs. Fire up the grill, blow up the inner tubes, and begin a new wave of excitement. The pool is open for the season!